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Sign Me Up To Audition!

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People –

I just heard and loved this song demo by my little sis, Susan Russell (*stage name is Susan Benjey). Afterwards, I turned right around and started lobbying for her to let me throw backing vocals on it once she’s ready to record a studio version.

Check it out:


True Confession

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Sometimes a guy just wants someone to take these to.

special delivery

One Of Life’s Secrets

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“Life is the journey, not the destination!”

At the end of grad school, I was given a copy of a book of quotes – an alumni advice book created for my graduating class. That book resurfaced this month when I was packing my apartment to move out.

Flipping through it, I read something that is timely for my life as I am transitioning from my original career path to another adventure I’ve dreamed of pursuing.

For a long time, my belief has been that some things are about the process, not the end result. But I had never applied that notion to life in general. Here’s the quote that got me thinking about all this (quote attributed to a Georgia Bulldog named Amy Haddix Cornelius):

Life is the journey, not the destination!

As I was approaching my graduation, and immediately thereafter, I was completely stressed about whether I had chosen the right major, if I was going to find a job I liked, if I had just signed my life away to a life in Advertising – when really I just fell into that major. My advice to new college grads would be not to worry so much about what you are going to do when you get out of school. Your major doesn’t limit you, it’s just a starting block. You will figure out what really interests you through the course of working at different jobs, and you may find you end up in a completely different field. And if you do – that’s OK – enjoy the journey!

Psalm 112:5

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“Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.”

Psalm 112:5

This morning, I read this and found myself wondering about God. I was thinking about the notion that “good will come to those who are generous and lend freely…”, and when my thoughts turned to applying that idea to God, it made me ask myself, “If this is God’s nature – since the Bible is primarily about God, not us – what does God get for living this way? After all of His generosity and service and sacrifice and grace, what’s in it for Him? What does He get in return that would be worth such an investment?”

When I opened my mouth and put the question to God, an answer emerged:

it’s not that man or the earth or heaven has good fortune or blessings with which to compensate the Lord for His goodness. The fact is, the great blessing for God’s goodness simply is in His state of being who He is. Existing in generosity and service and sacrifice and grace is God’s nature, and I believe His blessing is in existing as that very being which is absolutely too marvelous for words. What blessing could be better?

Now that’s not to say man or earth or heaven won’t give honor to God for His goodness; the converse is true. However, I believe the greater reward for God comes as the blessing of literally being Love.

Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. My DVD collection. I just love it. Sections include karate flix, kids movies, classic television show collections, live concerts, comedies/romantic comedies, sports dramas, and movie musicals.

2. Man Weekends. Just had one with the homeys. We found out Little Chicago restaurant is worthy to be called my new favorite spot for pizza. I have been on a long quest to find pizza I can believe in. Feels good to have arrived.

Deep dish, Signature pie – that’s what you need to try at Little Chicago.

3. T-shirts. They’re probably in the top 5 of my favorite articles of clothing. Seems like manufacturers used better, more durable material back when I was a teenager.

4. Dairy Queen’s “mini size” blizzards. The small blizzard was always a little too much ice cream, though part of me always loved having a little too much ice cream.

5. Men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. I spent time last weekend with my childhood friend – a guy who once spent the first year of his marriage mostly sitting inside a tank in Iraq while his wife waited for him here.

6. iPod Touch. I love having my calendar on it, and I’m glad the Wi-Fi requirement forces me to take breaks from being “connected”.

7. Really good news I just received but promised not to repeat! I want nothing more than to talk about it here, but I won’t. Basically, something folks have waited years for has finally begun.

8. The color green.  Pretty delightful, I must say.  The best is the kind of green you see when your eyes fall on a scene where mountains above and around you are covered by trees during summer or spring.

When I was living in the mountains, people always got excited about the colors of autumn leaves, but my love for fall colors didn’t compare with the way green trees affected me.

9. The opportunity to help college students transform themselves. Today, I was torturing one of my student leaders, requiring him to stand in my office and practice a presentation I’ve asked him to deliver next month. He is a very talented student.

I’ll make him work harder for this than he has ever worked for a presentation.  And over the next two weeks, he will reach a new level as a presenter.

10. The fact that there are times when my phone buzzes because someone knew he could call me and say, “Hey, I need you to be praying for me — I’m just really struggling with temptation today…”

That fact is such a heavy blessing on me that I don’t know how to describe it, except to say it feels like one of the greatest facts I’ve ever known.

Article: “What Successful People Know About Weekends”

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Just the other day, I was remarking to a friend that failure to make plans in advance causes me to miss out on a lot of opportunities to do things I love and see people I love.

Maybe yahoo!Finance heard my comment, because it proceeded to feature a really good article on maximizing the potential of weekends by way of planning in advance.

The link below will take you to the piece. I couldn’t agree more with the point about making sure plans include the three categories of activities that make people happiest — the article actually named the same three categories my pastor spoke of in a lesson he taught years ago about maintaining one’s whole self.

What Successful People Know About Weekends – Yahoo! Finance.

Memo To Husbands

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when a stranger at the grocery store tells your wife she is beautiful, her reaction may be a reflection of you.

Does she blush like she hasn’t been spoken to that way in years?
Or does she reply dismissively, “I know that – my husband tells me constantly.”