Month: May 2013

One Of Life’s Secrets

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“Life is the journey, not the destination!”

At the end of grad school, I was given a copy of a book of quotes – an alumni advice book created for my graduating class. That book resurfaced this month when I was packing my apartment to move out.

Flipping through it, I read something that is timely for my life as I am transitioning from my original career path to another adventure I’ve dreamed of pursuing.

For a long time, my belief has been that some things are about the process, not the end result. But I had never applied that notion to life in general. Here’s the quote that got me thinking about all this (quote attributed to a Georgia Bulldog named Amy Haddix Cornelius):

Life is the journey, not the destination!

As I was approaching my graduation, and immediately thereafter, I was completely stressed about whether I had chosen the right major, if I was going to find a job I liked, if I had just signed my life away to a life in Advertising – when really I just fell into that major. My advice to new college grads would be not to worry so much about what you are going to do when you get out of school. Your major doesn’t limit you, it’s just a starting block. You will figure out what really interests you through the course of working at different jobs, and you may find you end up in a completely different field. And if you do – that’s OK – enjoy the journey!