Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Sweeney Todd special edition DVD – ordered and headed my way in the mail.

2. Surprise parties to plan. I get a kick out of the process of brainstorming and scheming and eventually blowing someone’s mind with an unexpected outpouring of love from friends and family. There’s a little something in the works as we speak, as a matter of fact.

3. Indian food frozen dinners at Trader Joe’s. Who knew?

4. Ibuprofen.

5. Canton Jones. Saw him live again – he generates crowd energy like no other. Also interesting was the fact that he ended his performance early because he was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God. Couldn’t stop crying and thanking the Lord for being in his life.

6. Al Murphy. This man is a hilarious friend of mine who travels a lot on business. We were able to catch up last weekend, and the conversation helped me laugh and even grow up a little.

7. Beauty. To me, this includes man-made beauty (art) as well as the handiwork of God that inspires man-made beauty.

8. Still lovin’ the fact that Sweeney Todd is en route to me, but I’m also thankful for an invitation to a men’s retreat coming up in the fall. I heard a lake is involved in the scenic mountain setting…hopefully, it is stocked with fish!

9. Little Chicago restaurant. Chicago style pizza, friends. I had no idea this place existed; will be trying it out this week. This could mean something big in my quest for great pizza in Nashville.

10. A place to serve in the body of Christ. Once a person decides to find a way to contribute to the work of a local church, it can take a long time to identify and the assume the right role. To me, the “right role” means an area of service where a person’s gifts meet the church body’s needs. Being in that place feels good.


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