Things To Know About Introverts

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If you look up the word “introvert” in the dictionary, you will see this:

Yours truly.

What can I say – I’m an internal person.

Anyway, it was interesting to me that the Psychology Today website featured a list of 7 things extroverts should know about their introverted friends, and I thought most of the list was spot on. Would you like to know my favorites from the list?

A few things to know about introverts…

#2 We aren’t judging anyone when we sit quietly. We’re just sitting quietly, probably enjoying watching extroverts in action.

Definitely true. I have learned that when I’m new to a group, my silence may make some people feel insecure. It’s weird that people are struck that way, but I can’t change it, though I wish I could. And in those situations, there are times people try to get me to talk more so they can minimize their insecure feelings. Of course, once my random or wacky thoughts are verbalized, those people may wish they had let me remain quiet.

#3 If we say we’re having fun, we’re having fun, even though it might not look that way to you.

Also true. My excitement and intensity don’t always appear on the surface – a lot of the time, they are within.

#5 If you want to hear what we have to say, give us time to say it. We don’t fight to be heard over other people. We just clam up.

This is almost a direct quote from my life. Why should I have to exert myself just to be given the group’s attention so I can express myself? Doesn’t make sense; doesn’t interest me. This is part of the reason a smaller group or a one-on-one encounter usually seems preferable to big groups. Big groups have too many people trying to be seen and heard and considered clever by the others.

For more on the subject, go here:

Seven Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts (and Vice Versa) | Psychology Today.


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