I Saw God

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I have realized that two women are towering figures in my life history. They have hugely impacted my life ever since I was a kid. The older I get, the more I understand what a big deal they are and what a privilege it is that I had their presence in my human experience all these years.

These are spiritual women I’m talking about. They are ordinary in general but spiritually exceptional. An interesting side observation about them is they have endured a great deal of suffering over the course of their lives.

They have affected me and my idea of what it means to follow Christ, accomplishing this through certain things they’ve done for me…things that include an incredible amount of praying, teaching, caring, sacrificing, ministering, giving, and loving. Also, their lives were always a great example of commitment to Christian faith, so modeling is another thing they did for me.

Even though I haven’t seen very many examples of male Christian leadership up close over time, the female examples I grew up with are world class.  In fact, if I were to live a life of Christian leadership that matches their example, it would be a life lived better than the lives of most men I know of.

And it is clear to me that I have seen God – His nature and attributes revealed to me – through those two women He placed in my life.

Here’s to those women.


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