Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, downtown Nashville. The first time I went there, looking down at the Cumberland River from such a height scared the daylights out of me. That day, I was a fraidy cat who couldn’t stand to be close to the handrail for long.

Somehow, the problem never came up again on any subsequent visits. And now it’s a spot I rather like.

2. Sleep. I got a wonderful dose of it in the Smoky Mountains last Saturday after breakfast.

3. Spearmint. It’s a fun chewing gum flavor, but more importantly (as you probably know), simply inhaling mint has a positive affect on mood. Test it out sometime when you have a “blah” feeling, if you never have.

4. The mountains. No clue how God managed to come up with stuff like this, but I’m glad He did.

I still remember the first time I saw snow-capped mountains just outside of Glacier National Park when I was a teenager. All I could do was shake my head and stand there marveling.

5. Anticipation. Gotta love having something to look forward to…especially when it is something that occurs on a regular basis.

6. Being along for the ride. When someone else is doing the driving, there’s freedom to enjoy looking around at everything from the houses in the area to clouds in the sky. It’s kind of like having someone help you stop and smell the roses.

7. People who mentally process the heck out of things and finally arrive at a thought-provoking conclusion they proceed to discuss with me.

8. Perfect gift ideas. Auntie loved the Marvin Gaye DVD I gave her.

9. Married people who are good to each other and fun (for me) to be with.

10. Good teammates. Isn’t it amazing how much more effective we can be with the right partnership?

An example would be Alicia Keys and me. Together, I think we could pretty much conquer the world.



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