These Are The Best Things In Life

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In recent years, I have realized that the best things in life begin with the letter “F”. Allow me to make a list for you here.


I don’t even know how to use only a few words to sum up the importance of this. Christian faith is the thing through which we are connected to God, and God is…well, ultimate.


Yes, each one is looney, and each one comes with its share of baggage, but I learned while studying to become a counselor that family is a very powerful thing. It has strengths that can preserve or change lives for the better.


Who doesn’t like friends? Friends are even better than cookies, and I can’t say that about many things. In the last two weeks, I have seen friendship do nifty stuff like this:

  • provoke someone to take an appropriate risk
  • produce a celebratory event in honor of a great accomplishment
  • help someone get out of the dumps and go have fun after a breakup
  • lead someone t0 place a telephone call to ask for prayer during a personal struggle

Football on Saturdays

O joy! I honestly feel I could write a love sonnet about college football right now.


Money skills can be a preventative measure for stress and a tool for helping other people reach their goals.

Female human beings

I think females are more confusing than anything else under the sun, and I also think they are probably God’s most wondrous creation.


To once again quote whoever said this, “Your body is the most valuable machine you will ever own.”

Free (or inexpensive…or deservedly-costly) arts experiences

What would life be without movies, music, literature, et cetera? I would venture to say everybody in the world probably likes at least one art form. Even the man who enjoys nothing other than food is a fan of culinary art!


Don’t get me wrong – I definitely want to catch something when I go to the fishing hole. But even if a couple of hours go by and I don’t get any bites except for mosquito bites, there is still something so peaceful about being on the water in the quiet.

*Honorable mention goes to another special thing that begins with “F” – followers who subscribe to one’s blog!


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