Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Live, Love, Yogurt – the new shop in Green Hills. Getcha some.

2. College buddies that don’t get lost after school. I didn’t wind up with many, and it took a few years to find the ones I finally hit it off with. Since that time, they’ve done things like name babies after me and help me establish and maintain my career.

3. Taste of India restaurant buffet. I was created to eat this food.

4. Gifts within me/resources entrusted to me. A lot of days, I make it a point to ask God to provide words and gifts from me that will touch other people. It’s such a blessing to have something – big or small – to invest in others.

5. A friend’s wife who is cool enough to arrange a Guys Night when she senses her husband needs one.

6. Perspective. That’s what God continues to send when I mistakenly get the idea that the events and experiences of life are about me.

7. The Marvin Gaye DVD I bought for my aunt’s birthday (as well as the copy I felt compelled to also buy for myself). Auntie shares my love for classic Motown.

8. The fact that college football is on the way. Less than two months, folks.

9. Fresh blueberries sent to me directly from the garden of a sweet, wonderful woman.

10. Genuine, selfless support from friends. Have you ever had the chance to see your true friends sincerely rooting for you? I’m not talking about having friends attend the big competition or performance to cheer for you. That kind of thing is great, but what I’m speaking of is different.

In my experience, it is something that only seems to happen in a flash, for an instant, and – in a sense – by accident. It’s like noticing out of the corner of your eye that your friends are high fiving each other and flipping out about a mere possibility on the horizon for you, while having no awareness that you can see their behavior. Pretty magnificent.


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