Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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I fell off the earth for a while because of busyness at work and at home. The important thing is I’m back now. Back and thankful for these things:

1. The peaches I bought from a roadside peddler in GA last weekend.

2. Martin’s BBQ. Just when I had given up hope that worthwhile barbecue could be found in the state of Tennessee, I discovered this jewel in south Nashville.

3. Healthy new baby boy, Ephriam Goodson. An answer to prayer.

4. The Sandlot. I caught an outdoor showing with some friends recently. That movie never gets old!

5. Salsa. I finally dusted off my dancing shoes and went to a Latin party. It had been way too long.

The evening reminded me that it’s necessary to have a quick conversation with the salsa DJ if he seems to be forgetting that music by Sonora Carruseles and Africando is not optional.

6. Spotify. Yesterday’s free gifts – “She’s Always A Woman” by Billy Joel and a few Jason Aldean albums.

7. The new frozen yogurt shop in Green Hills. Haven’t tested it yet, but the flavors look promising. This could be the solution to the great loss of TCBY in Nashville.

8. Sub 100 degree temperatures. Unfortunately, Nashville is depriving me this week.

9. Wise counsel offered by trusted friends.

10. Jeanne, my favorite Italian food caterer. You should check out her Nashville company called Vanishing Gourmet.


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