Andy Griffith & Me

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The fact that I randomly had famed actor Andy Griffith in my thoughts this morning turned out to be a strange coincidence. Right now, I’m remembering the thought process that made him come to mind: I was mentally replaying a recent conversation I had with a couple of lawyer friends, and it somehow brought back the memory of the television show Matlock. I believe it was my mom or grandmama who used to watch it and exposed me to it. Good show.

Naturally, thinking about Andy Griffith’s performance as Ben Matlock led to thoughts of his role as Sheriff Andy Taylor. It is pretty remarkable that Andy Griffith had not one but two television shows that were very big hits. And on top of all that, he was a senior adult in one of the shows but was still the star, playing a role desirable enough to be coveted by an actor much younger. And, of course, he reappeared in recent years to star in a Brad Paisley music video.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I arrived in the office and saw the Andy Griffith news headline after having that whole thought process about him while getting ready to leave for work. I couldn’t believe it. But at this point, I guess I have arrived at a clear conclusion on it all: hopefully, he’s better off now than he ever was – living where I plan to live after this life.



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