Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. A Nashville Symphony dress rehearsal that’s open to the public, free of charge. My friends and I had really good seats, and the experience reminded me that spending a fortune to sit close to the stage is totally worth the sacrifice.

2. The Tim Keller book that just came in the mail.

3. The Stephen Sondheim book on its way to me in the mail.

This was the vantage point from our seats at the symphony.

4. Summer. It would be a good opportunity for reading the aforementioned books.

5. My dudes. I’m really thankful for guys I’ve become friends with recently and ones I hit it off with when I first moved to town a few years ago. It seems like there are a few pockets of young men coming together in an interesting way – like little brotherhoods forming. Heaven knows we need each other!

6. An extra cell phone battery. The phone someone just gave me is the same kind I bought years ago, and I still have the battery from the one I bought.

7. Dark, scary skies just before a thunderstorm. They’re just beautiful. And they have a way of reminded me that God is a force – someone whose power must be respected.

8. Large, durable boxes for moving. I’m just moving across the street, but I need these boxes nonetheless.

9. The Cosby Show Season 1 DVD collection. Finally rescued it from my DVD wish list and brought it home.

10. Those rare individuals who walk into your life and make you feel you’ve been friends with them since childhood.


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