Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Being spotted unexpectedly the other day by two friends I hadn’t seen in a while. They proceeded to wrap me in the brotherly love that revives a withering soul (simply by being themselves).

2. My “spare” iPod. I had to replace it a couple of years ago because the audio stopped working, but the bright side is that I still can connect it to a computer and play it through iTunes. It’s like a small external hard drive that holds a bunch of my music and a few movies.

3. Change. Even when it means losing a couple of things you had gotten used to, it usually brings some kind of new advantage too.

4. Recommendation letters and award nominations. It’s a joy to use my skill with words and language as a tool for promoting some of the deserving student leaders I know.

5. People who are a similar kind of weird as me. Finding yourself in a world where you’re often misunderstood makes you appreciate the folks who know and love you and don’t think you’re crazy!

6. Keith Urban. I definitely WILL write with him someday. You heard it here.

7. Moments in life that bring great clarity in an instant…those moments that cut through all the crap and bring you face to face with what really matters.

8. Three interesting song ideas that popped up today. Two came while I was brushing my teeth, and one came in the car when a jogger turned the corner and came into view on the sidewalk. All cheesy love songs, of course.

9. Snicker’s Ice Cream Bars. A perfect combination of food ingredients.

1o. The fact that God is not petty or slow to overlook even a serious offense. Even though actions have consequences, I’m glad He “does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquity.” (Psalm 103:10)


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