Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Pretzel Crisps.

2. Opportunities to write. I even derive some pleasure from report writing the old boss delegates to me. (This sounds like a sickness, I know.)

3. Retreats. I wish I could create a tradition for my friends and me – an annual obligation to leave behind the wife and kids and bachelor pad to get away for a bit of bro time.

4. Stars to gaze at. My behavior in recent years may not indicate that I appreciate stargazing, but I intend to use the next three months to make up for lost time.

5. The cell phone someone gave me for free this week.

6. A good parking space. Funny how thrilled or annoyed we all tend to become based on parking spots.

7. Leftover Easter candy sold for $.12 at Walgreen’s. The little chocolate eggs with marshmallow and caramel inside…

8. “All This Love”. Ooold schooool!

The sound of the chorus gets me every time.


9. The usefulness of considering opportunity cost. It has helped me make some key decisions in life. Who knew Dr. Yeh, the Economics professor, would have such a lasting impact?

10. The 2012-2013 Broadway at TPAC season. The lineup looks interesting enough for me to get season tickets this year.

The live combination of “act, dance, sing” is a phenomenon that blindsided me when I was about sixteen, and I never recovered.


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