Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. The country’s last songwriter community: Nashville. Most any day of the week, people here can drive down the street and hear hit songwriters play and discuss their famous songs.

2. Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market. I enlist this florist now and then when there’s someone back home who needs to be reminded that I think she’s swell.

3. Backyard pizza ovens. How is it I am just now experiencing this greatness?

4. Packages I ordered that came to me in the mail today. Just a little surprise I’m cooking up for my unsuspecting friend.

5. New York City. If it becomes my home for a couple of years, or if it continues to be nothing more than a favorite vacation destination, I promise to love it forever.

6. Coupons for 20% off. These are great for wedding gifts, especially when you’re attending four weddings in four months.

7. Claritin. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

8. Freedom to choose not to be petty in dealings with humans (despite strong temptation to the contrary).

9. Guys who realize they need other guys in order to live life skillfully.

10. Public libraries. Free access to books, music discs, and DVDs – what’s not to like?


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