If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Just before I crossed the street to go buy chocolate covered peanuts tonight, I was inspired with a topic for tonight’s blog post. The idea is pretty random; it has nothing to do with anything going on in my life right now. In fact, it has everything to do with the fact that someday my beautiful life will end. (I know – that’s weird.)

Basically, I realized that even though I believe I’ll live a long life, there are some things I want people to know when I’m gone. So, allow me to utilize this forum to put the word out.

If I should die, you should know…

  • I spent almost my entire adult life feeling as though I was living a dream. So many great experiences and relationships have filled my life over the last decade, and this has been compounded by increasing awareness of the specialness of experiences and relationships I enjoyed during childhood and adolescence. I don’t know anyone who has a better life than mine. My life has been so rich, in fact, that if God never gave me another blessing, I could only confess that he has already endowed me with a full life all these years.
  • I was born to and raised by the best mother in the world. She also laid the foundation for my faith and provided a great example of what it looks like for someone to live what she claims to believe. Of all the compliments and praise I have given her over the years, it would be fitting for her to take them all to heart.
  • The fact that I’m no longer present on earth means I’m FINALLY where I wanted to be! I believe my charmed life on earth could never compare to the life to come. Also, I must say it is conceivable that a few people may think about crying when I’m gone, but in all honesty, I won’t shed a single salty tear about giving up my residency here. I know that’s blunt, but being blunt is part of my nature!

Concluding thoughts: I never would have imagined I would have only three points to mention on this topic. But if something else comes to mind for the list, I’ll write again.


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