A Life of Suiting Myself

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Random thought of the moment:
if at a coffee shop, the song “My Cherie Amour” comes on the house radio, of course you flip out and try to manage enjoying it while not embarrassing yourself and annoying the other patrons. BUT IF someone should rudely stop the song halfway through and proceed to play a song that could never compare, that person has pretty much committed an unforgivable sin. Anyone who perpetrates such a crime had better have a good reason, like being unable to listen to the tune because he used to dance to it with a girl who left and moved across the country.

Now on to what I really came here to say.

Driving home from class tonight, my mind played an awful trick on me. There I was just minding my own business, when up jumped a surprising thought about the future.

It was related to the wonderful life I have now – a life of suiting myself, in a sense. Basically, the thought process was this:

1. Life is busy.

2. Becoming married and adding another life to my life will make things even busier.

3. Still, there is no way to add time or space to my days.

4. Therefore, most of the care and energy I am accustomed to devoting to suiting myself as a single man may be the appropriate offering I bring for suiting my spouse when I’m a married person.

Now please can somebody explain why my very own mind would tell me something so disturbing? O the horror!

I must be going crazy. (Or growing up a little.)


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