Is The Bible Primarily About Us?

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My manner of viewing and relating to God is being changed. It’s a good change and one certainly not initiated by me – we’re talking about the kind of work the Lord does to deepen someone’s spiritual life as only He can.

Over the last several months, something new has proceeded to trail, catch up to, and begin working its way into the relationship between God and me. I won’t try to explain everything about it – a lot of it is still mysterious and yet to be sorted out in my own mind – but I will mention an article I just ran into that relates to what I’m experiencing.

With the change taking place in the relationship between God and me, I am beginning to relate differently to the scriptures. I now see the scriptures as a means to deepen relationship between Him and me, and I recently encountered the idea of looking into the scriptures until the glory of God emerges.

I am a huge fan of His glory. My whole life has been filled with it. Reading the Word of God to see His glory is a shift for me, and it is pretty fantastic. This approach facilitates beholding Him, and it’s my belief that beholding Him is what leads to becoming like Him.

As a result of all that, I was attracted to an article someone shared days ago. Incidentally, I had read and appreciated the article before I realized its author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, actually read a story to me (and a Ryman Auditorium full of other people) in person a few months ago in December. Sally is a children’s book writer who had been invited to guest appear at a Christmas concert to read her Christmas book in her magnificent English accent.

Anyway, I liked what she wrote in the piece Teach Children the Bible is Not About Them.


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