Beauty Efforts That Repel Men?

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I once wrote a blog post about ill-advised dating behaviors for women. Now, it seems Yahoo! has decided to run an article on a different kind of ill-advised female behavior – beauty choices that may actually repel men. As soon as I saw the headline, I wanted to know if the article had a clue or if it was totally contrary to my taste.

Apparently, the authors came up with their list of “beauty mistakes” by polling a group of guys. I would be interested to know how they chose their poll sample. (And I would love to be recruited for such things, since companies sometimes offer cash compensation for survey participants!)

The article names thirteen beauty moves not to make, and in my opinion, the whole thing basically boils down to this message:

Beauty efforts wind up being overkill in some cases. Be free to let more of your natural self shine through, and try not to try too hard.

Check out Beauty mistakes that turn men off.


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