Month: March 2012

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

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Just before I crossed the street to go buy chocolate covered peanuts tonight, I was inspired with a topic for tonight’s blog post. The idea is pretty random; it has nothing to do with anything going on in my life right now. In fact, it has everything to do with the fact that someday my beautiful life will end. (I know – that’s weird.)

Basically, I realized that even though I believe I’ll live a long life, there are some things I want people to know when I’m gone. So, allow me to utilize this forum to put the word out.

If I should die, you should know…

  • I spent almost my entire adult life feeling as though I was living a dream. So many great experiences and relationships have filled my life over the last decade, and this has been compounded by increasing awareness of the specialness of experiences and relationships I enjoyed during childhood and adolescence. I don’t know anyone who has a better life than mine. My life has been so rich, in fact, that if God never gave me another blessing, I could only confess that he has already endowed me with a full life all these years.
  • I was born to and raised by the best mother in the world. She also laid the foundation for my faith and provided a great example of what it looks like for someone to live what she claims to believe. Of all the compliments and praise I have given her over the years, it would be fitting for her to take them all to heart.
  • The fact that I’m no longer present on earth means I’m FINALLY where I wanted to be! I believe my charmed life on earth could never compare to the life to come. Also, I must say it is conceivable that a few people may think about crying when I’m gone, but in all honesty, I won’t shed a single salty tear about giving up my residency here. I know that’s blunt, but being blunt is part of my nature!

Concluding thoughts: I never would have imagined I would have only three points to mention on this topic. But if something else comes to mind for the list, I’ll write again.

Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Anita Baker. One of my all-time favorite vocalists. Can someone get her to agree to be my wedding singer?

2. Planter’s whole cashews with sea salt.

3. Birthday greetings cards – specifically, the ones that feel puffy when the envelope is handed to you. Yep, cash money inside.

4. Dury’s – the local store for digital imaging products and services. Those guys taught me some useful things about camera lenses this week. They also made me want to blow all my money on new gear.

5. My income tax refund. I couldn’t believe the size of my tax return this year. Biggest ever. And I sent it straight into my savings account. The little Dave Ramsey on my shoulder is very proud.

6. Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream from Puckett’s restaurant.

7. The feeling of finding a missing item that seemed unlikely to turn up. I’m sure you can relate to this.

8. Ponds, lakes, and rivers for fishing. It’s that time of year again!

9. Restaurant patios with a perfect breeze and a great city location for people watching. I just had dinner with friends at a burrito place, and the patio music and atmosphere were so nice, we felt like we were on vacation in Mexico.

10. Sleep. I’m gonna need to get me some more of this pronto.

A Life of Suiting Myself

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Random thought of the moment:
if at a coffee shop, the song “My Cherie Amour” comes on the house radio, of course you flip out and try to manage enjoying it while not embarrassing yourself and annoying the other patrons. BUT IF someone should rudely stop the song halfway through and proceed to play a song that could never compare, that person has pretty much committed an unforgivable sin. Anyone who perpetrates such a crime had better have a good reason, like being unable to listen to the tune because he used to dance to it with a girl who left and moved across the country.

Now on to what I really came here to say.

Driving home from class tonight, my mind played an awful trick on me. There I was just minding my own business, when up jumped a surprising thought about the future.

It was related to the wonderful life I have now – a life of suiting myself, in a sense. Basically, the thought process was this:

1. Life is busy.

2. Becoming married and adding another life to my life will make things even busier.

3. Still, there is no way to add time or space to my days.

4. Therefore, most of the care and energy I am accustomed to devoting to suiting myself as a single man may be the appropriate offering I bring for suiting my spouse when I’m a married person.

Now please can somebody explain why my very own mind would tell me something so disturbing? O the horror!

I must be going crazy. (Or growing up a little.)

“Live Inspired Tuesdays!”

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Ever heard of Nashville singer/songwriter Tillie Lopez? I found out about her a year ago when a mutual friend invited me to play at a writer’s night. While I was there, my friend introduced me to Tillie (who has a really nice singing voice, by the way).

Well, it seems that writing and singing aren’t the only activities for Tillie – check out the project she is working on to inspire a bold revolution in the human experience of people just like you.

Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Fresh guacamole made right in front of me.

2. So many good people I get to be friends with. This is one way my life is filled with the glory of God. I’ve been blessed to cherish and be cherished by men and women who do things like give away SUVs to families in need.

An interesting thing about good folks is that simply knowing them is enough to make a person feel grateful.

3. Nashville. I love this town.

4. Sunroofs. If you have one, try this: next time it rains, park the car, sit inside with the shade pulled back, and look straight up at the rain as it falls on the glass of the sunroof. It will freak your mind.

5. A totally unexpected and meaningful compliment. You know – one of those rare statements about who you are, as opposed to what you have or how you look.

6. Couples that save most of their displays of affection for private moments. I’m easily grossed out, I guess.

7. Neighborhoods that feel alive. Even an introvert like me has a preference for living in an area where people actually can be seen walking out of the house and down the street to grab dinner, attend a community event, or just play outside.

8. Almond milk. Goes great with cereal or in smoothies.

9. The mere possibility of writing a song. I’m kind of in love with the phenomenon of songwriting, and even during periods when I’m not being productive as a writer, I can’t help feeling fascinated by the idea of creating a song where there was no song before.

10. Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine Ink Pens manufactured by Pilot. This is the only pen I buy, and it is perfect. I usually carry a black one, and for some reason, I like using the green ones when I work on song lyrics.

No Pain, No Gain?

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Bunions, heel pain, toe deformities, shortened Achilles tendons, and trapped nerves? As much as I understand the appeal of a shoe that can make a person have better posture or feel more attractive, my question is could it be worth all the adverse affects?

I guess everyone has heard things about health drawbacks associated with high heel shoes, but an interesting X-ray photo caught my attention on the Anatomy in Motion facebook page this week. The picture and its caption did little to change my mind about what a good idea “Comfort first” seems to be in matters of style!