Raising My Kids

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Last week’s Financial Peace University class got me thinking about the future as it relates to something other than money. Surprisingly, I found myself face to face with the fact that someone will need to be designated as the guardian for my children in case something should happen to my wife and me.

Now it’s true I don’t even have a wife and children yet. It is also true that I’m not the type to ignore considerations about the future, since so much can be gained from a bit of preliminary research and preparation. I guess it’s like they say: Life favors those who are prepared.

The point of all this is to say I had never thought about the choice of who would raise my kids if they were left without either parent. It was interesting to experience all the questions that went through my mind as I wondered.
Of all the people I’m close to, who would be best? Maybe it should be someone not much older than me, since they would be tasked with raising children? Who would give my kids the best opportunity to be trained up in a manner consistent with what I think they need – a manner that enables them to live life skillfully as spiritual beings residing on earth temporarily?

And of course, all kinds of other factors surround the issue – things I won’t even begin to mention here. Suffice it to say I found the whole quandary to be very interesting.


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