Sweeney Todd

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I just want to say Tim Burton and Stephen Sondheim blew my mind last night. About seven years after its release, I finally saw Sweeney Todd. I really like film musicals, but I think at first I didn’t realize Sweeney Todd was one. Then, once I learned that detail, someone warned me about how dark and gory the story is. At that point and time, I was interested in nothing of the sort.

Years later, for some reason, I decided to get my hands on the DVD yesterday. My expectations were pretty low; I was never a fan of  the few things I had heard from Sondheim. I even told myself I might only get part way into the movie and then jump ship if things got lame.

But the music of Sweeney Todd was basically gorgeous — pure beauty. I was impressed from the first notes of the opening melody as soon as the movie began. And the work of Tim Burton and the actors struck me well too.

I tend not to enjoy twisted or sad stories, and this film is probably the only one I’ve liked by Tim Burton. Gee whiz – thinking through all this makes me realize what a big success…what an unlikely, big success Sweeney Todd was with me.

To go further, I’m realizing now that even the musical motion pictures I think are decent or good don’t always delight me to this extent. My hat is off to the artists for sure.


2 thoughts on “Sweeney Todd

    Mary George said:
    02/17/2012 at 10:21 pm

    Never saw this movie either. So, I guess it should go on my list?

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