Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Godiva stores. What can I say – these stores come in handy once in a while when a fella needs to communicate some message or other.

2. My emergency fund. Instead of getting stressed out when my car got sick the other day, I just had the mechanic go to work and then paid the guy.

3. A track record of faithfulness. I think we all can tend to compare ourselves to other people; sometimes we do it when other people get promoted or have a moment of success. But for me, remembering the ways God has cared for me faithfully my whole life is what keeps away things like envy and self pity. It’s what restores my faith in the fact that He will always promote me (or humble me) as He pleases. And that’s what I want.

4. Lions. These are the coolest, most remarkable animals on earth. I heard lions have twenty different roars which can be heard up to five miles away.

Nothing else compares to lions. You should have seen my face three years ago at the Nashville Zoo when I found out there are no lions there. Definitely wanted my money back.

5. Karate flicks. I’ve loved them since I was a kid. And yes, I think part of the appeal probably has to do with the tough guy manliness in martial arts films. However, the beauty, grace, control of the body, and discipline involved fascinate me in the same way as the work of, say, a ballerina who has studied dance since age 4.

What do I think is probably the best karate flick I’ve seen, you ask? Here’s an old trailer for you:


6. A good plan. It’s amazing how potent we can be when we focus, and a good plan is the thing that helps us direct our mental and physical energy.

7. Surprises. Not receiving surprises – serving them up! There’s nothing like scheming and sneaking around behind someone’s back in order to shock the living daylights out of them in a celebratory fashion. I may have one of those coming up for a great friend.

8. The desire for heaven. May I never start to feel that life on earth might be more desirable than life in eternity.

9. Youtube clips of old music videos and television moments from the days of my childhood.

10. A Wal-Mart store finally being built in my section of town!


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