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Even though Hollywood megastar Will Smith somehow managed to steal her from me years ago, I owe a debt of gratitude to Jada Pinkett Smith. She gave a magazine interview not long ago and said something I liked. Her comment had to do with the way she relates to food, and it was interesting to me in light of issues my spiritual life has raised regarding food and eating.

Here’s how the story goes. After arriving to meet Jada, the interviewer – struck by how petite she is – eventually decides to ask a question about the type of eater she is and the food she lives on. The writer reports, and I quote:

“She explains that, for her, food is fuel, not pleasure, so she basically lives on muesli, yams, salmon, kale, and salads. She bakes, too, but only for Will and the kids.”

I guess people everywhere are talking about food issues these days…which things will kill you, which things will thrill you, which things will make you live longer, etc. For me, part of growing up has involved (accidentally, it seems) becoming a healthier eater. Gradual changes in my awareness, attitudes, and habits over the years have put me in touch with some of the pitfalls we’re all familiar with by now. Really, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the remark from Jada Pinkett Smith; the way she said it is what reinforced my opinion in a new way. Of all the things in life to be embraced because of the pure, simple pleasure they bring, I like the way Jada suggests that food is better off not being included in that category of things.

I grew up loving sweets and still have a sweet tooth, though I have realized in recent years the harmful side of eating to please oneself. In my view, food unfortunately becomes just another little idol if we let it.

So, eating has earned a place on the list of things in my life that need to be monitored and kept in check. Balance requires constant adjustment.


One thought on “Thanks, Jada

    jesi said:
    02/07/2012 at 9:37 pm

    Interesting. I completely agree with the part about not making food an idol, of keeping what we eat in check and balanced. But I disagree with Jada on viewing it only as fuel. I do think God gave us taste buds to enjoy the great combinations of food and relegating your food choices to those things (especially kale! 🙂 ) is to ignore that gift of appreciation that we as humans have. Yes, it needs to be balanced out but I think that for some people the preoccupation of NOT eating anything unhealthy can then become an idol.

    Just my thoughts. 🙂

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