You Will Think I’m Crazy

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Hello, men.

Someone just emailed me a passage of scripture from the book of Jude. It struck me in an interesting way. Reading the words, I felt weary with all the blessings, business, and burdens of this life.

I have said before that I’m looking forward to being in heaven and worshiping God without the pesky issue of sin being in the picture. But what I feel right now goes even beyond desiring to be free from our sin nature — EVERYTHING going on on the earth seems so un-worthwhile and irrelevant when the alternative is being alive forever in our real home with Him.

I’m sure it sounds crazy, but this is my reality: there is so much I’m looking forward to in life – still, the reality of eternity in heaven makes all that amazing stuff seem to be simply in the way of my being where I’m really headed.

After writing the previous line, I’m chuckling to realize I sound just like a student who can hardly enjoy the magic of the college years because he can’t wait to be done with school and free to start making money and living life! Incidentally, I had a great experience in college, but life after school has been far better. And it’s my belief that the charmed life I have now cannot compare to what awaits in eternity.