Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. TuneIn Radio. An app that lets me listen to my favorite radio station back home while I’m 200 miles away in Nashville.

2. Good listeners. These people are perfect when you need to process something externally. I have always been an internal processor, but I am learning that the other method also has benefits.

3. Travel. It has a way of making me want to keep exploring the world. More importantly, it renews my enthusiasm for breaking out of the same old routines at home.

4. Philip and Melanie Shepard – one of my favorite married couples. Phil and Mel have been friends of mine since we were kids, so there is a richness to our relationship that makes for great fun whenever we get together. I even like their dogs, which is nothing short of a miracle.

5. Poetry. Actually, I am not a poetry person. Definitely never thought I’d be saying I’m thankful for poems.

Of all the art forms I’m obsessed with, poetry was always one that didn’t speak to me. Then someone shared a few with poems with me at a retreat last weekend, and somehow they managed to resonate when I read them. Go figure.

6. Growing up. Deciding not to behave like a child is a drag when you really just feel like being petty about something. Even so, I’m glad for the developing maturity that is enabling me to act my age more and more.

7. Options. Those of us who keep having to ask ourselves questions like, “Should I stay where I am, or consider changing jobs, or pursue another college degree?” can at least be grateful to have these kinds of options.

8. Almond milk. Can you imagine a world without dairy? No ice cream, cheeseburgers, milk and cookies…

Anyway, I think I read somewhere that we are all lactose intolerant to some degree. I have realized that eating two dairy dishes in one day could spell trouble for me. But with the help of almond milk, I can indulge now and then without protest from my stomach.

9. Anticipation leading up to a fun calendar appointment. Gotta love having something to look forward to.

An example would be dinner plans with Caleb and Emily Weeks next month. It seems I’ll never forget the time I heard the song Caleb composed for Emily before they were married or even dating. Please do not ask whether the song suddenly made my eyes fill up with water.

10. The fact that art affects me so deeply – deeply enough to suddenly make my eyes fill up with water.


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