Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. The Swell Season. If you saw the movie Once, you know the musical duo I’m talking about. Glen is from Ireland, Marketa is from Czech Republic, their music is from heaven.

When they were on tour in the U.S. a couple of years ago, they played in Nashville at the Ryman and delivered what may have been the best show of my life. There was such uncommon beauty coming from them that I could feel my eyes getting wet for the first three songs.

And now, I’m told there’s a documentary about them…

2. An unseasonably warm January. My neck and shoulders are happy for a break from the tension of huddling beneath a winter coat.

3. The Holy Spirit. He never ceases to amaze me in little matters of everyday life. It’s like having your own personal superhero who is dedicated to saving the day in ordinary ways that just remind you that you are cared for faithfully.

4. Sitar Indian Restaurant. My hilarious colleague just walked in my office insisting that we schedule an appointment to revisit our favorite lunch buffet.

5. British accents. They tickle my ears. Same goes for Australian accents and a few others around the world.

Also, it has been interesting to realize that some young ladies from the town of my birth (Fort Payne, AL) speak with a unique and ridiculously charming southern accent that has a similar effect.

6. Birthday lunch with folks from the office. The parmesan crusted chicken and three-cheese tortellini made me want to do a touchdown dance.

7. Having someone who will listen to you talk about how your day went. This was something I completely took for granted until college when a guy mentioned he was living life without it.

8. Cool discoveries. An example for me would be realizing one of the things in life I can practice – seemingly to no end – without growing weary of rehearsal. If your guess is that I’m talking about writing, you’re very smart.

9. At any writer’s night in the country on any given night, that one person whose songs actually connect with the audience.

10. Winning.

"Alabama wins BCS championship 21-0" - Yahoo! Sports

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