Blessings Counted: Year 2011

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Today, I stumbled across something I wrote at the end of the year in 2009. I don’t remember the moment, but back then I must have had an impulse that led me to pull out a pen and pad and count my blessings for the year. For the first time since, here I go again:

2011 Blessings Counted

#1 Saved enough money to buy my first digital SLR camera, a Canon Rebel T1i. You might also hear me use the name “my girlfriend” when referring to it. It has been really great to have a nice piece of equipment for my longtime fascination with picture taking.

#2 Allowed an oral surgeon to rip two wisdom teeth from my head. Actually, the surgery and post procedure went well – no pain, no swelling. When I left the doctor’s office, of course, there was a beautiful woman at the elevator, since I was too drugged and bloody to do anything about it.

#3 Embarked on the literary journey of writing interview stories by way of this blog. This was yet another goal I had for many moons. Thankfully, I have been able to incorporate photography in the blog too – that was a secondary goal I had hoped for.

#4 Received a challenge to write a vision statement for my life. Though I never could have anticipated the amount of work this would require, I am incredibly grateful for the inspiration and no less committed to the exercise. There’s no way to express how interesting it is to see what comes out of the heart along the way with something like this. So far, I have written a long list of guiding values from which to derive my vision statement.

#5 Planned and executed the surprise celebration of a lifetime for a great friend. It was a hot one!


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