Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so I thought this week’s Tuesday post should be Ten Things I’m Thankful For At Christmas.

1. Behold the Lamb of God. The live, annual Christmas event created by Andrew Peterson.

2. Memories of great Christmases with the whole family at my grandmother’s house.

3. Homes decorated with Christmas lights. I was born out in the country, where families grew up piling in the car to drive all around looking at lights.

4. The two best Christmas gifts I ever received. I think they symbolize something I’ll be passionate about my whole life. One of the gifts was a little black radio with two cassette decks. I spent hours in front of that thing as a middle schooler. Back then, radio actually had real music on all the time.

The other gift was a larger CD player boom box. I got two CDs with it, one of which is still on the top 5 list of the greatest Christmas albums I’ve heard. It’s one of the top 5 Christmas albums you’ve ever heard too, believe me.

5. This quote: “There will never be scientific evidence to prove that a virgin gave birth to a baby.” A pastor once said this during a sermon in the autumn of the year, and as soon as I heard those words, I was filled with anticipation for Christmas. I guess in that moment, I realized I’m thankful that Christ transcends even science.

6. The music. I’m amazed at how enormous the body of Christmas literature is. So many great secular songs we all know and love, so many great sacred songs we all know and love.

7. Family traditions.

8. The smile on someone’s face when you exchange a sincere “Merry Christmas” with them. But I must say: for some reason, it hasn’t happened as frequently this year as in the past. In general, we seem to have lost some of the warmth of the season this year. I hope the change is only temporary.

9. The wholesome, goofy, simple, full-of-love, music-infused, beauty that has always characterized the coming together of my family.

10. Reminders of the real meaning of Christmas.


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