Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Campus housing offices at colleges and universities. Being employed by them has been good for me – it’s the reason I didn’t have to pay for a portion of the cost of undergrad. It also helped me pay cash for the car I just bought.

2. Thinkers. They generate ideas, and I love ideas. I’m the type of person who lives life more skillfully after encountering a good idea.

3. Edwin and Laisa Santiago. Last week, they raised a beautiful prayer for me and my future.

4. Godly women. Heroines, really. These are women I’ve known my whole life who have been a picture of authentic womanhood in a way that inspired me while I was growing up seeing hardly any pictures of authentic manhood. They are “ordinary” women who I’ve seen literally change the trajectory of people’s lives just by being who they are.

5. Soul music!  I grew up on classic soul and smooth R&B radio the way some kids grew up playing video games.

6. A scene from one of Will Smith’s movies about aliens. It’s what randomly inspired me to buy my blender, the source of many great milkshakes and smoothies.

7. “You Can Change” – a book by Tim Chester.

8. Chips and queso. Especially from Baja Burrito.

9. Words and language. There’s nothing like finding the right words for what you mean to say.

10. A Charlie Brown Christmas. I am still so impressed by the point the creators made with the story. They got it right.


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