Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. A little thing called an emergency fund. It helped me obtain a replacement vehicle when my car suddenly died for good about a month ago.

My cherished 17-year-old car. Summer 2011. May she rest in peace.

2. Matthew Calloway, my mechanic. If you’re in Birmingham, go to this guy. He will be real with you.

3. Ear warmers. I don’t try winter without them.

4. The new Kierra Sheard album. You know an album has spiritual substance when the songs keep playing in your mind and messing up your plans just when you’re determined to do what you know you have no business doing.

5. Scoutmob.com. My new source for free food in Nashville.

6. A stellar year in college football. My #2 team will play for the national championship title, and my #1 team competed in the conference championship game (and blew it, unfortunately).

7. German chocolate cake. There was one at Thanksgiving. I ate most of it.

8. The Christmas season. I am a sucker for this. One of my traditions is to buy one new, amazing Christmas album each year. This year, I’m afraid I have come up empty, though. Searched all over iTunes. Guess I’m picky.

9. I know who holds the future. Believe me, I have had opportunities to freak out about the uncertainty of things to come. But what I’ve learned to do in those moments is remind myself that God has always cared for me faithfully and will continue to do so.

10. Pastor Bruce Terry. Over the years, my life definitely has been changed by the leadership of the pastor of my church back home.


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