Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Peach pie. Need I say more?

2. Christmas shows. I love the way holiday concerts and plays fill the stages this time of year. My new goal is to try to attend as many great shows as possible this Christmas. Maybe it will become a tradition for me.

3. A Danish pastry & Minute Maid orange juice. This is my favorite quick breakfast anytime I’m on the road and need to grab something in a gas station.

4. Being arrested by creativity all of a sudden. One example is a song that popped out of me with no warning while I was driving to meet a friend at Dreamland Barbecue in Huntsville. It’s a sappy love song that sounds like something Stevie Wonder would sing in a stage musical.

5. Self-control. Believe me, I’m constantly wishing I had more of the stuff; but today, I’m thankful for the measure of restraint that has kept me from getting involved with women I was attracted to but wasn’t right for.

6. Funny people.

7. Student leadership development. It’s the journey by which I get to touch the experience of college students. And the beautiful thing that I did not bargain for when I chose this line of work is the way those students touch my own human experience.

8. The greatest woman in the world. That’s my mom. The relationship we have is better than silver and gold.

9. McKay Used Bookstore.

10. Brandon Mullinax & Valerie Kelley. A sweet couple that really blessed me last night. We shared a moment that almost made my eyes get wet, but you know I couldn’t let that happen!


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