Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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It’s already Wednesday according to wordpress.com, but Tuesday won’t end for another half hour where I live. This week’s Tuesday post is dedicated to my favorite season – autumn. Because of autumn, I’m thankful for these 10 things:

1. Days when the weather is sunny and mild, with a perfect breeze.

2. Mom’s chili. I ate some today!

3. The colorful leaves. Whether on trees or on the ground, the autumn leaves are magical.

4. College football.

5. Fire pits, campfires, bonfires, grill fires – they’re all great.

6. Long sleeve t-shirts.

7. Hot apple cider and various pumpkin dishes.

8. Surpassing beauty in general. There is something glorious about the colors of fall, even against the backdrop of a cloudy gray sky.

9. The best holidays are either occurring or approaching. Young and old folks alike have a good time with Halloween and Thanksgiving in autumn. And part of autumn’s charm is in the pleasure people derive from beginning to anticipate the Christmas season.

10. It’s not freezing cold, it’s not full of things that make me sneeze, and it’s not burning hot. Who could ask for more?


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