Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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Ten things I’m thankful for…

1. Strawberry shortcake dessert. Especially the one I just got for free at a restaurant. It was huge and only lacked one ingredient – homemade vanilla ice cream.

2. IN THE HEIGHTS. The Tony Award-winning musical I’m about to see for the third time in as many years.

3. Television’s The Wonder Years, now streaming on Netflix! I could name a couple of t.v. shows that are better overall, but this one is hands down my all-time favorite. It had so many amazing little elements. Universal themes about growing up… Audio soundtrack featuring classic music from the 1960s and 1970s… Hilarious narration voiced by Daniel Stern… Acoustic guitar compositions by Snuffy Walden, written specifically for the show…¬† Not to mention the creative skill of some of the child actors.

4. The white coconut slush at SONIC. You won’t see it on the menu, so ask for it.

5. Brazilian music. My connection with bossa nova makes me think my ancestry must certainly involve Brazil somehow.

6. Good return policies. I always find it satisfying when money goes back on the card.

7. Cozy establishments with groovy live music and napkins for scribbling ideas.

8. Heat. Finding warmth when you are cold is one of the beautiful things in life. Warming up by a fire or beneath a blanket. Or through the use of a hot beverage. It’s almost like being in love.

9. An empty mailbox at home. Sometimes this is actually the thing that reminds you to reach out to someone else – someone who might like to find a surprise in the mail.

10. God’s giving. Of all the times I wonder how to sense God’s leading on different things, I appreciate and marvel at how clearly I’m impressed to give when that’s the thing He wants.


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