Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesday

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1. Haddon, Hayes, and Clara Li Phipps. Two brothers and their adopted sister. The story of these little siblings is so moving it always makes my eyeballs perspire. (Please do not mistake perspiring eyeballs for crying.)

2. Spiritual gifts in action. There’s not much that compares to having someone serve you through whatever divine enablement he/she has to offer. It’s like a little piece of heaven comes down to touch the place where your need is.

3. Promises from God. The Lord always makes good on His promises. Could be within 24 hours, could be after six years.

4. Modern Day Drifter. An old Dierks Bentley album I just listened to for the first time in years. I’m a collector of timeless music – I buy the kind of albums I’ll still play and savor when I’m a senior citizen.

I can’t say I love every track on this disc, but half or more of the songs have that magic I’m always in search of.

5. Chocolate covered almonds. Not cashews. Not peanuts. And milk chocolate only.

I seldom find these with the right ratio of chocolate to almond. Only a thin layer of chocolate is necessary, you see.

6. Bachelorhood. It’s the reason I can channel time and money any way I want. If I want to support a minister or missionary with my physical labor or financial gifts, it’s nice to be able to do so without checking with or taking anything away from a spouse. All that will change someday, so I’m enjoying the privilege while I have the chance.

7. The sky. There’s just something between the sky and me. I’ve felt it for years. I love being outside on a blanket, marveling at the wonders in the daytime sky. Or the nighttime sky.

8. The Book of Daniel. I believe someday the church in America will experience a form of exile – a time of being persecuted and dominated like Christians are in other countries today.

The Book of Daniel is gonna come in handy when American believers need to learn how God’s people survived it all in the past.

9. Lactaid. Let’s just say the world around me is a better place because of it.

10. Autumn. Also known as fall. Also known as by far the best season of the year. The only problem with fall is that it seems to last only about two weeks before giving way to winter.

But there is a long list of things about fall that are no problem at all. In fact, one of these days, I’ll have to write about ten autumn things I’m thankful for.

“Forgetting what you’ve given and remembering what you’ve received is the key to maintaining happiness.”


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