For Young Men: What Life Has Taught Me

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If a younger man asked to be let in on some things life has taught me, here’s what I would say:

-Eat and exercise to stay fit.

Figure out what physical activities you enjoy enough to engage in every week – activities you can manage regardless of weather.

-Save $100 each month for one year, and book a trip to New York City.

Also, compel a college buddy to do the same; traveling is more fun with a travel dawg.

-“You will never change your life until you change something you do every day.”

-Get rid of debt from college loans as fast as humanly possible.

The journey toward completing this within three years of finishing school turned out to be one of my favorite adventures in life, strange as that may sound.

-Memorize this: Part of being a man is learning to think about someone other than yourself.

-Check out Dave Ramsey’s ideas about money.

-Watch and love college football. Georgia Bulldogs most of all.

Also, decide that the outcome of college football will not be allowed to negatively affect your mental health if your team loses.

-Look into different art forms to discover which ones move you.

When it comes to art forms, avoid the phenomenon of condemnation without investigation; don’t knock it til you try it.

-There are probably some pure, simple, inexpensive joys you’ve loved for years; know what they are, and never let them slip out of your life.

-Aim for solid friendships with guys who make you better.

-Know which man you can call for spiritual encouragement or ministry regardless of what you’re facing.

-Consider this question: In the experience of your male friends, what difference do you make?

Always look for ways to introduce both fun and spiritual value in the lives of your dudes.

-Be mindful of the amount of one-on-one time you spend with female friends.

If there is no romantic interest, limit alone time. If there is romantic interest, you should probably limit alone time still! Guy friends tend not to smell as good, but solid relationships with good men require fewer boundaries and are more likely to endure. Those friendships may be more likely to sustain you through life in healthy ways too.

-Memorize this definition. Defraud: to evoke desires one cannot righteously fulfill.

-Focus on the things your mother did well while raising you; choose a way to express those thoughts to her.

It will make you feel worse than nauseous to speak to her that way, but she is worth it.

-Give your mom a break as often as possible, even if she’s someone who doesn’t deserve it, and especially if she is someone who does.

-Find a good Men’s Conference to attend every year.

The one at First Baptist Woodstock in Georgia is an option; the first thing that happens there is a steak dinner.

-Find a way to express your gifts, talents, and strengths in a way that contributes continually to your local church.

-Buy Hillsong music.


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